Interested in boating but can’t decide what to buy?


No worries! Just join Shipyard Marine’s Lifestyle Boat Club!

Lifestyle Boat Club members have access to a fleet of boats that you can call and reserve anytime you have the itch to go boating. The boat club maintains, cleans, insures, and stores the boats and will provide on-water training. Members will be responsible for their own fuel.

Join the Lifestyle Boat Club is a great way to get your feet wet and help you decide which boat is best for you. Members will sign-up for a term of use and will get unlimited access to a fleet of boats. Just call and give us an hour notice, request which boat you would like to take out and you will be on the water in no time!

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Ways to Make Boating a Breeze with Kids

Boating with kids can be a blast but sometimes they need to be entertained to make it through a full day of boating. Here are a few ideas to make boating a breeze!


Bring Activities

Many boats have a spot to put up a small table which makes a great area for kids to play with toys or play dough. Try to keep certain toys that are just for the boat to keep it exciting for your child. Another fun toy to get is a remote control boat for the times when you like to stop and soak up the sun.


Get a Big Tube

Kids enjoy being pulled around behind the boat but it can sometimes be scary for them if they have to go alone. Invest in purchasing a big tube that can accommodate multiple people to go at once. This will get them excited about getting in the water.


Stock Up on Snacks

Kids love snacks especially when they are snacks that they don’t get all the time. Stock up on snacks that work well on the boat and won’t cause a mess such as:

  • Granola bars
  • Pretzels
  • Dried Fruit
  • Trail Mix
  • Popcorn
  • Veggies


Invite their Friends

Kids love it when they can bring along a friend to hang out with and can show them the boating lifestyle. Have them bring along a friend or two and suddenly they will want to go boating more often when they have kids their age who enjoy boating as much as them.


Have a Picnic

The best way to break up the day is to stop at a park or marina to enjoy a picnic lunch. This gives the kids a chance to run around and use the restroom if need be. After a little break from the water the kids will be ready to hop back on the boat for an afternoon of fun!

Tips For Winterizing


The leaves are falling, football has started, and the kids are back in school, this means for most of us that winter is just around the corner. Don’t wait until the last minute to winterize your vessel as it could cost you in the long run. Here are some tips for winterizing your marine fuel so that you can have peace of mind this winter.

Gasoline Engines:

Ethanol can be very corrosive which can cause it to separate from the gasoline and degrade rapidly; it is important to treat it with a multifunctional treatment like ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment especially in the winter months. You want to make sure the gasoline tank is 7/8 full to avoid condensation developing that can cause phase separation of the ethanol.

Important details to address:

  1. Make sure fogging oil is run through the carburetor and cylinders.
  2. Use a De-Carbonizer for high horsepower outboards to get rid of hard carbon deposits on the piston head
  3. Run the engine dry of fuel and disconnect the fuel line while the engine is running.
  4. Be sure to change all filters.

Diesel Engines

Diesel fuel is now ultra low sulfur which has less than 15ppm sulfur. Service stations usually contain 5%-10% biodiesel and marinas may have pure ultra low sulfur that is free of biodiesel. Both fuels are eco-friendly but can cause issues with marine engines; it is recommended to stay away from diesel fuel that has more than a very small percentage of biodiesel.

Biodiesel fuel can be prone to bacteria growth which can be treated with an additive called ValvTect BioGuard Plus 6 which also helps to avoid corrosion. Also be sure to lubricate injectors and fuel pumps, stabilize the fuel, change all filters, and fill the fuel tank 7/8 full similar to the gasoline engines.

Following these steps will ensure that come spring you won’t have any complications and will be on the water in no time!

National Safe Boating Week!


Looking forward to the upcoming warm summer days out on the water? Although it may be tempting to not wear a life jacket it is the simplest strategy to staying safe while enjoying a day of fun. Luckily life jackets today are much more comfortable and breathable making it less of a hassle to have to wear one. Accidents on the water happen much too quickly and drowning is the reported cause of death in three fourths of boating fatalities.

National Safe Boating week kicks off May 16th – 22nd, this week promotes the importance of wearing a life jacket every time boaters are on the water.

Life jackets are sold in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, whichever you decide make sure it is right for your planned activity and water conditions. When choosing the right life jacket always be sure to try it on and check the ratings for your size and weight. Check that the jacket is able to be zipped or buckled properly. Make sure that there is no extra room to allow the life jacket to rise above your face; you want it to fit snug.

Some important reminders you need to know is to make sure your life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved. Always read the label to make sure it is the appropriate jacket for the water activity. Check that there are no tears or holes in the life jacket. And never buy a life jacket for your child to grow into, make sure it is properly fitted based on their weight. Below is a chart to show which life jacket styles are the best for each water activity.

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Angler Family Fun In A Jet Boat!


A jet boat like you’ve never seen before! Yamaha introduces their new 190 FSH and it is the ultimate compromise boat. It provides all the comforts of the traditional runabout but gives you the “fishability” factor with being a center council. The advantage to jet boats is that they are able to be used in shallow waters and sensitive sea grass beds which give you more opportunities of where you can fish.

The boat is powered by a single jet pump unit with a three-blade stainless steel impeller. The articulating keel acts like a rudder and gives the boat added control and handling. Available in three different designs you have your option of a base model, an upgraded 190 FSH Deluxe, and the flagship 190 FSH Sport with a custom T-top.

The key feature of these new Yamaha fish boats is the transom which provides ease of casting and landing fish because there is no motor to get in the way. These Yamaha center consoles are guaranteed to give you hours of family fun out on the water!

Keep your eyes on Shipyard Marine’s website as we will be ordering one as soon as they are available!

Featured Specs:

Length: 19 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 2,050 pounds

Beam: 8 feet

Draft: 16 inches

Capacity: 1,240 pounds (eight people)

Power: 1.8L Yamaha marine engine

Fuel capacity: 30 gallons


Spring in Full Swing!


Mother Nature has finally decided to give us a break from the cold winter months and it is finally starting to feel like spring! This means boaters are itching to get their boats out of winter storage and ready for the summer. To prevent any unexpected surprises we have provided a start-up checklist so our customers are ready for the boating season!

1) Fuel System:

  • Check for any leaks or damage and keep a close eye on connections, fuel hoses, and tank surfaces.
  • Make sure there are no signs of cracking, softness, or brittleness to the fuel hose.
  • Check that all fittings and clamps are properly tightened and in place.
  • Check that all systems such as the engine, exhaust, and ventilation are all working properly.

PR Fuel System

2) Belts, Cables, and Hoses:

  • During the cold months belts, cables, and hoses can crack so you want to make sure that all are in proper condition.
  • To avoid shifting the belt should fit tightly around pulleys.
  • A belt that should be replaced will fit loosely and leave a black residue near the pulley.
  • Signs of internal corrosion that you will want to look for are cracks on the outer jacket of the throttle, and steering and shifting control cables.


3) Electric System:

  • Check that all electrical connections are clean and tight, and that there is no corrosion. This can become dangerous if not taken care of.
  • Use a wire brush to clean all cable ends to get rid of any existing corrosion.
  • Test your battery and make sure it is able to hold a charge.


4) Fluid Levels:

  • Engine oil, power steering, power trim reservoirs and coolant are all fluid levels that should be checked prior to getting out on the water.
  • Another important step is making sure to change the engine oil, oil filter, and drive lubricants.

5) Propellers & Hulls:

  • Check that propellers are free of dings, pitting, cracks, and distortion.
  • Make sure that the propeller is tightly secured and replace bearings if needed.
  • When looking over the hull check for blisters, distortions, and cracks.
  • Another important step is making sure the drain plug is securely in place before each launch.


6) Safety Gear:

  • Check that you have enough life jackets for all passengers and that they are in good condition.
  • Make sure all fire extinguishers are fully charged and in the proper locations.
  • Make sure you have a correctly installed and working carbon monoxide detector.


Now that you followed all these steps you can rest a little easier knowing your boat is ready for another carefree season out on the water!

Spring Fever!

Shipyard Marine Boating Fun Spring Fever around Shipyard Marine doesn’t necessarily mean that temperatures are high. Sure, it might be T-shirt weather around the docks on one of those days when the temps are just above freezing, but then again it could dump a foot of fresh snow the next.

With the glorious surprise of fresh powder, slush or sun awaiting you in the final days of a Wisconsin winter, here are a few sure things we have happening to help you find that cure for your Spring Fever…..

With the upcoming Green Bay and Oshkosh boat shows Shipyard Marine is excited to kick off another great boating season with our new and used models including Chaparral, Robalo, Formula, Malibu, Axis, Premier, and Palm Beach.

Fuel Prices are down which means boating fans around the world are crowding into boat shows looking for a new adventure. Being a Top 100 Dealer along with having the best service department and rack storage building we can’t wait to see what the summer will bring.

With low fuel prices gas stations are going to be busier than ever with people finally being able to enjoy their hobbies knowing they have extra money in their pockets. Crowded gas stations and boat ramps = less time on the water. Why worry about the hassle of docking and fueling when you could have the ease of us doing it for you? Here at Shipyard Marine we like to take the hassle out of boating!

Join us at the upcoming Green Bay and Oshkosh Boat Shows in February and March at Shopko Hall and Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena and the EAA grounds.

These sunny days are just the start of an action-packed summer ahead so let Shipyard Marine help you find your summer fun!

Spring Fever, Don’t fight the feeling……..

Spousal Conversion Kit

Spousal Conversion Kit

Take your significant other boating and let the water and the experience of fun and excitement work their magic! Follow a few of these tips to transform your significant other into a first mate.

1) Educate

Attend a boat show or demo days event, these are perfect places to introduce a spouse to boating! This allows you to compare each boat in person, and discuss your needs with sales consultants and representatives. Attending boat shows can be a family activity and your significant other can get their questions answered by experts about the boat owning experience.

2) Accessibility

Educate your partner on how accessible the boating lifestyle is and show them on a map the short distance it is to get to the place you enjoy boating. This will ease their worries of a long distance drive to spend the day on their new boat.

3) Affordability

 Visit and print out their Boating’s Budget Planner. This compares the cost of boat ownership to the cost of other family leisure activities. Create a family budget that includes your monthly boat related payments to show your significant other that you can afford a boat.

4) Experience the Lifestyle

Get your significant other in the  mood for boating by doing a boat rental, and experience a day of boating as a couple or with the family. Bringing the family will get everyone excited about the boating experience and show your significant other that boating really does bring family and friends closer together. Doing a boat rental is a good indication if the boating lifestyle is for you.


5) Taking Time

Purchasing a boat is a big deal, take the time to sit down with your significant other and discuss all the pros and cons of the boating lifestyle. You can then talk them through their worries and let them know why purchasing a boat is a great experience!




Say it isn’t so……


After a slow start to the boating season in 2013 due to the weather and now in 2014 enduring one of the coldest winters in the last couple decades, Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous fuzzy forecaster, popped out of his hole this February 2nd in western Pennsylvania to tell the nation that our winter weather will drag on for another six weeks.

Really! Who wants another six weeks of this? Well maybe there is hope…An analysis of weather data from the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C., shows that Phil’s forecasts are, on average, inaccurate. “The groundhog has shown no talent for predicting the arrival of spring, especially in recent years,” according to the center. “Phil’s competitor groundhogs across the nation fared no better.”

The Center found that from 1988-2012, the groundhog was right 10 times and wrong 15 times. In other words, 10 times, the national average temperature for the remainder of February matched what would be expected based on what the groundhog predicted.

Last year, the furry rodent did not see his shadow, so there should have been an early spring. Phil gets a mixed grade last year-the nation had a slightly warmer than average February but a chillier than average March.

Since 1887, the groundhog has seen his shadow 100 times (meaning six more weeks of winter), and not seen it 17 times to predict an early spring.

With that said, even though it’s really cold now there is only about 40 days until the first day of spring, so please don’t forget to call us to schedule any of those last minute winter work projects so our technicians can have your boat ready for the water as soon as the first sign of summer arrives.

Thanks for a great 2013 and I am really looking forward to getting the 2014 season kick off really soon!

Andy Howitt

Shipyard Marine

“We make boating a breeze”

Harvest time – a look back at Summer of 2013

Autumn at the Bay

It’s been said that in order for yourself to become better as an individual, you always need to evaluate. I think this is especially easy to do during the Autumn season. It is one of the most natural times of year to evaluate. After all, it is the end of something. And nothing is more evident, as you watch all of the plants end their life cycle; the leaves begin to change…. and you have the sense of the END lingering in the air.

Summer’s lively energy beats like a drum with so much happening all the time. It usually becomes a struggle trying to fit in everything that you can possibly do. And of course, you have to do EVERYTHING because you don’t want to miss out on anything. As you can tell, FOMO seems to have control over me!

But that’s how it goes. The sunsets go faster as the days get shorter and precursed notions float through the brain like the rolling clouds passing through a tumultuous fall sky. Sometimes the questions outweigh the answers as we feel the need to rush to make sure we’re living life as full as we can.

“Did I accomplish everything I wanted to this summer?”

“Is there anything I wish I could’ve done more of?”

“Did I really maximize my summer exposure to the beauty of the environment surrounding me?”

When seasons change, I tend to question my performance. Harvest time has come. Has it been bountiful, or did too many weeds grow and choke out my crop this season? Thought like this, though it is beneficial, can be exhausting.

Maybe it’s time to shift gears. What if we thought about those things that defined the summer? You know – those moments were you felt like you were LIVING completely. Think of it like a Greatest Hits album for your life in the Summer of ’13. What did it sound like? What was going on? Who was with you?

I thought about this, and it seems like it doesn’t matter so much what you were doing; it was who you were with. Spending those little moments simply being with those people you love was LIVING. Those were the moments. These are the days of our lives.

Though the magic energy of summer dwindles into history for another year, we go on holding on to our memories like precious jewels. But the memories aren’t anything in themselves. Rather, the people that we were with at those times are the jewels. Love is where the true value lies.

Now that is a wealth worth maximizing – regardless of the season.

Congrats to some of our new boat buyers this season! We hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends!

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